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51.key on how to be happy

How to be happy?

It seems like easy question but for me it is indeed quite difficult.
Lately I found myself under the weather.
I can't sleep. I keep getting up at the middle of night, sometime because of some nightmare sometime just panic.

No. I'm quite sure it is not a panic attack. More towards anxiety attack because the fearful and the crazy fast heart beat is not too long for me to take serious which may at the beginning. After quite sometime, I found myself in another stage which is despair. My world black for a slips seconds. I lost hope. Literally, lost the light of my life the muse for my art.

How to create something when you lose something so priceless so precious?

I come to the point where I simply hate everything. I stop writing. I stop cleaning. I stop living.
And that when I realize that I may kill myself into depression if I can't stop this crazy thought.

Indeed I need to be happy. Indeed I need to find back my muse. Indeed I need to start coming back to the …

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